This particularly portfolio of work is intended as a more comprehensive and open overview of my creative processes than the project portfolio on my main website. Here you will find samples of all the various stages from the earliest scribble to the completed work. I want to share this material in the hopes that it will demonstrate not only my approach to project briefs so far, but also the transferable nature of the many creative areas I like to dabble in!
For those of you who found yourselves visiting this portfolio with no idea who I am, my name is Kayla Stuhr and I am a freelance Scottish-American artist, animator and designer. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, now living in North Carolina. I completed my BA(Hons) Degree in Animation at the Edinburgh College of Art, part of Edinburgh University, in 2014 and have been freelancing ever since.
The work featured in this portfolio is a haphazard mix of college, commercial and personal projects. Take a look around and be sure to head back to my main site for more info and updates!

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